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Buyer's Questions QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

Are fixers a good idea in bad areas?

Are low-ball offers advisable?

Can you buy homes below market?

Can you negotiate the price on new homes?

Do I have to consider contingencies?

Do I have to disclose a parent's gift?

Do states offer help to home buyers?

Do we dig deep and buy a dream home or settle for a starter home?

How are fees and assessments figured in a homeowners association?

How can I save on closing costs?

How do I get the real scoop on homes I am looking at?

How do I reach the IRS?

How do some of these low-down programs work?

How do you choose between buying and renting?

How do you find out the value of a troubled property?

How do you qualify as a first-time buyer?

How is a home's value determined?

How is the price set?

How much will I spend on maintenance expenses?

Is a low offer a good idea?

Should I buy a vacation home?

Should I hire a home inspector for a new home?

Should I put more or less down, if we can afford it?

What about new versus previously owned?

What are closing costs?

What are considerations to buying a new home?

What are some guidelines to follow when trying to find a contractor?

What are some new-home cautions?

What are the pros and cons of adding on or buying new?

What are the standard ways of finding out what a house is valued at?

What can I afford?

What contingencies should be put in an offer?

What do all of those real estate acronyms in the ads mean?

What do you think of a vacation home as an investment?

What happens at a trustee sale?

What is a gift letter?

What is a low down payment?

What is an impound account?

What is the best time to buy?

What is the difference between list and sales prices?

What is the return on new versus previously owned homes?

What is the standard debt-to-income ratio?

What kind of home insurance should I get?

What standards do appraisers use to estimate value?

What types of foreclosure are there?

What's a home inspection?

What's a house worth?

Where are fixer-uppers found?

Where can I get a list of home builders?

Where can I learn more about appealing my property taxes?

Where do I get information about closing costs?

Where do I get information about finding a real estate attorney?

Where do I get information about housing discrimination?

Where do I get information on co-ops?

Where do I get information on consumer credit laws?

Where do I get information on home market stats and trends?

Where do I get information on housing market stats?

Where do I get information on lease options?

Where do I get information on the secondary market?

Who do I call for a low-down-payment loan?

Who gets the furnishings when a home is sold?

Who pays the closing costs?

Why buy a house?

Why do I need a title report?


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